March 3

The Sikh Community lead by Amar extended help to drought-affected Australian farmers. A campaign was run in collaboration with the Sikh temple in Revesby and Glenwood to raise funding and donation in kind. Amar together with a group of Sikh community volunteers, transported a van, a four-wheel drive and a large trailer of full of non-perishable groceries to The Salvation Army in Dubbo. This donation has been distributed by the Salvation Army rural chaplains to those in need. The energy, excitement, compassion and commitment of the T4A team has made a positive difference in the lives of the farmers.

The Salvation Army: “Sikh community reaches out to drought-affected farmers”

March 22

Sikhs have been impacted by four different categories of discrimination – employment discrimination, bias-based bullying, racial profiling, and hate crimes. The Australia-based organisation, Turban4Australia, thinks humanitarian aid, community work and spreading the message of unity, brotherhood and love can break all barriers. “The approach I have taken is to educate people about who Sikhs are through charity work,” said Amar Singh.

Hindustan Times: “Sikh advocacy groups feel charity can help curb racial abuse”

April 23

As the centenary year of ANZAC Day draws near, two Sikhs are spearheading efforts to raise awareness about the role the community played in Australian war history.

Turbans4Australia was founded to spread the charitable side of Sikhism to the wider Australian population. “We want to educate people that we’re just as Australian [as them], we call this our home, and we want to contribute positively to this country,” Amar told the Indian Sun. This has seen him doing everything from fundraising for drought-affected farmers and sending emergency supplies to cyclone Marcia victims in Queensland in February.

The Indian Sun: “Australia’s turbaned troopers”