Events and Causes


People from all cultures and faiths have flocked to our Turban Fest events, eager to have turbans tied on their heads, watch our traditional Bhangra dance performances and witness the Sikh martial art of Gatka. Held across Australia in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our regular events help spread awareness about the Sikh community and our charitable works, allowing our fellow Australians to chat with us and see that beards and turbans are nothing to fear.

These are some of the venues where we’ve held our turban-tying events and vibrant dance performances:


  • Official Australia Day celebrations in Sydney and Melbourne since 2016, with the support of the Australia Day Council and the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

  • The Global Table 2018, a multicultural event held in Bondi by Waverly Council.

  • Gold Coast Diversity Festival 2017, run by the City of Gold Coast to celebrate multiculturalism.

  • FSG Justice in the Park Festival, Gold Coast 2017, run by FSG Australia to promote social justice and equality.

  • Fairfield and Hornsby Relay for Life 2017: Marking the day of Guru Nanak’s birth – the founder of Sikhism – we educated attendees about Australian Sikhs while supporting the Cancer Council’s worthy cause.


In 2015 we supported Australian farmers doing it tough, showing our farmers that the nation’s ethnic communities acknowledge and support their hard work, and that as Sikhs we’ll lend a helping hand to people in need of all faiths and ethnicities.

Sydney to Dubbo Grocery Run


Driving over 1100km in two days, we drove a van and trailer full of groceries to the Salvation Army in Dubbo, helping out drought-stricken farmers in rural NSW with around $3000 worth of supplies.

Sydney to Coonamble Hay Run


We drove seven semi-trailers full of hay to the NSW town of Coonamble, ensuring local farmers had enough supplies to feed their livestock despite the crippling drought. We carried out this massive project with the assistance of UK Sikh charity Khalsa Aid and three major Sydney freight companies.


Turbans 4 Australia publicises important causes to the Sikh community, using donations from generous Sikhs to show our support for all in need – both in Australia and abroad.



Disaster Relief


In 2015 we delivered much-needed supplies to the Salvation Army in central Queensland in the devastating wake of Cyclone Marcia, providing $4500 worth of water, cleaning products and other necessities to victims.


We also collected almost $4300 worth of groceries to help the people of Vanuatu in the catastrophic aftermath of Cyclone Pam.

Community Causes


In 2016 we raised $4000 for a fundraiser run by Rotary Australia to assist Wayne Greenhalgh, victim of a violent stabbing.


That same year, our volunteers helped renovate Graceades Cottage, a community hub offering support services to residents of Western Sydney’s Mount Druitt. We donated and installed three new air conditioners valued at around $6000.


We’ve hosted numerous open days at gurdwaras (Sikh temples) across Australia, welcoming people of any faith or ethnicity to learn about our rich Sikh heritage while promoting dialogue and harmony with the wider community.


In 2015 we hosted a meet and greet with the Honourable John Ajaka at Glenwood Sikh Temple, the then Minister for Ageing, Disability Services and Multiculturalism.


Since 2016, our volunteers have handed snacks and cool drinks to athletes running for the Cancer Council at Bondi’s City 2 Surf, using supplies donated by the Sikh community.

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